Is there a PERFECT pricing model?

The question of the right pricing model is a topic of heated and controversial debate in the pricing community. There is no simple answer to this question – but here is what you can look out for.

Are you pricing your products correctly?

Blogartikel Bepreisen Sie Ihre Produkte richtig? Sortiments-Pricing

Often, pricing strategies waste potential because they price products purely based on value. This article explains why this strategy falls too short and how behavioral pricing can open up additional potential for your pricing strategy.

Price increase – now or never?!

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Rising inflation, exploding commodity prices as well as the worsening energy situation make it necessary for many suppliers to increase prices. But, at the same time, we wonder: Can we expect our customers to put up with a price increase? Especially now?

How to boost the profitability of your product innovations

B2B Pricing Produktinnovationen

What happens if you cannot charge extra for expensive product innovations? Was it all for nothing then? Would there still be a chance for you to become profitable? We will show how to best monetize your product innovation using Behavioral Economics.