Case study pricing strategy: 430% ROI with behavioral pricing


A powerful pricing strategy can only be created if you understand the decision-making behavior of your customers and implement this knowledge across all 4 aspects of pricing. This is proven by a particularly successful project in the B2B event area from 2019, which recorded an ROI of 430%.

Behavioral economics and customer engagement

Blogpost Customer Engagement

Customer engagement – more satisfied, loyal, and profitable customers – is one of the central challenges we face at all customer interfaces, from sales to aftersales.
Behavioral economics helps to improve your customer engagement.

The relevance of irrelevant items for your portfolio

Blogbild Portfolio Relevanz irrelevanter Items

Why the product with the lowest turnover in your portfolio may be the most important one, and why objective improvements of an offer possibly make it subjectively worse. An explanation based on behavioral pricing.

Un-casting the discounting spell

Blogartikel Rabattstrategie Entzauberung

For many companies promotions and ridiculous discounts are easy actions to attract more customers and increase sales – it almost seems magical. But it’s not! Read here how discounting ruined an entire industry and how you can escape the curse.

Dynamic Pricing: The Dos and Don’ts

Blogartikel: Dynamisches Preismanagement Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is considered the gold standard of e-commerce pricing. Some rules, however, should be observed when incorporating dynamic pricing in your pricing strategy.

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