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Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to answer all of your questions by phone or via email.

+49 (0)8142 5069-0

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to answer all of your questions by phone or via email.

+49 (0)8142 5069-0


  • Jobs

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    At Vocatus, you start your career in an inspiring field that offers flexibility and an optimal work-life balance. You bring your personal interests to bear on projects, which in turn lead to the success of our clients. You gain experience by working on a wide range of tasks, take responsibility for international projects, and enjoy working on topics that also interest you - all within a competent and creative team.

  • Publications


    Vocatus not only applies the currently available know-how, but is a driving force in the development and evaluation of new methods and approaches. The results are regularly presented in our publications to a broad scientific audience.

  • Events

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    Vocatus relies on the regular exchange of knowledge and experience. For this reason, you will find us at the most important professional industry events. New approaches and methods are as much in focus as our core research.

  • Management

    Discover more about the management of Vocatus. We present the individual members of our executive board.

Empirically sound consultation

Vocatus is an internationally active, innovative consulting firm. We examine the business models of our customers, not from the isolated perspective of classic disciplines like product management, marketing or sales, but from the perspective of the consumer.

After all, the success of every company is based on decisions made by consumers for the products or services provided by that company. It is exactly this decision-making process that we want to understand. Behavioral Economics demonstrates that customers are predictably irrational decision makers.

Relying on our empirical consultation strategy, we help companies to understand the decisions their customers make and to influence them in their favor. This is the proven approach we use to improve the success of our customers.