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IRIS is expanding into South-East Europe


Munich, 2013/11/05 – International Research Networks (IRIS), the world's biggest and best-known association of independent market research institutes, is expanding its network to Bulgaria so that it now comprises around 1,500 employees in 32 countries. This expansion has been vigorously promoted by Vocatus board member Hardy C. Koth, who is also President of the IRIS Council. Vocatus is the network's exclusive partner in Germany.

MarketLinks was welcomed into the network at the IRIS Fall Meeting, which took place in Istanbul at the end of September. This Bulgarian full-service institute is the leading local market research company, and had previously passed the strict qualifying tests and personal audit with flying colours. In addition to soundly based qualitative and quantitative market research, MarketLinks offers its multinational clients professional consulting in the areas of business development, marketing, advertising, and communication. In terms of the various sectors, it specialises in FMCG, pharma, and financial services. MarketLinks also has a wide network of interviewers at 92 locations throughout Bulgaria, as well as its own online panel with over 3,000 actively recruited participants.

International Research Networks (IRIS) always selects a leading national (independent) market research institute to exclusively represent its respective country. This means the network is able to make use of local expertise which in turn benefits clients who are conducting international market research projects. All its members comply with the same quality standards, and are equally demanding when it comes to professionalism and innovation.

This expansion means the IRIS Network now employs around 1,500 employees in 32 countries, and generates a total annual turnover of more than 170 million euros. Besides Vocatus in Germany, the network comprises institutes in Egypt, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Columbia, South Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, and the USA.

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About IRIS

IRIS (International Research InstituteS) is the world's largest and best-known network of independent market research institutes, with 1,500 employees in 33 countries and total annual revenues of over 170 million euros. All the IRIS members are distinguished by many years' experience of international projects, the highest quality standards, high-calibre project execution, and practice-oriented analyses. Vocatus is the exclusive partner institute of IRIS in Germany.