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Sales Optimization

Do you know why your customer buys?


Selling means shaping decisions. So, it is good to know what criteria different customers use to make decisions. It allows you to meet each customer individually. And bring them straight to the conclusion.

Vertriebsoptimierung - Wissen Sie, warum Ihr Kunde kauft? Vocatus Pricing München

Sales Optimization

Do you know why your customer buys?


Selling means shaping decisions. So, it is good to know what criteria different customers use to make decisions. It allows you to meet each customer individually. And bring them straight to the conclusion.
Ein guter Verkäufer achtet auf zwei Dinge: Was will der Kunde? - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Call center & shop

It is not just about the product

A good salesman pays attention to two things: What does the customer want? And how does the customer decide? He then systematically and dynamically selects those arguments that are optimal for this particular type of customer (GRIPS type). The result: shorter conversations, higher conversion rate, increased customer satisfaction. And better employee satisfaction.

Kunden wollen nicht entscheiden. Sie wollen entschieden gemacht werden - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Website & Apps

A website is not a shop window
Customers do not want to decide. They want their decisions to be made. A website is an ideal platform to determine the customer’s needs and then present them with a tailor-made offer instead of many confusing options. The result: higher conversion rates and more sales per customer.
Persönliche Gespräche - Die Entscheidungsstruktur verstehen - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Personal conversations

Understanding the decision-making structure
The myth of the rational decision-maker is most persistent in the B2B sector. But here, too, people make decisions. We will show you how to identify decision-making structures and recognize the criteria your business partners use to make a choice. If you understand decision-makers, you’ll benefit from increased sales and achieve higher margins.
Bei Printwerbung und Mailings ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Mailings & Print

Don't (just) mention the price
When it comes to print advertising and mailings, the key to success is to address the most important arguments for the most common types of customers in your market, rather than focusing on a single issue such as price or discount. That way, you don’t just target bargain hunters. The result: higher response rates and more sales.
Hardy C. Koth - Vocatus AG
“Stop selling products and start to manage decisions. The key to this is your sales force.”
Hardy C. Koth

Member of the Executive Board
Vocatus AG

The secret of our success?

Termine vereinfacht - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Appointments quadrupled

Four times more advisory appointments at a bank by optimizing the customer approach on the service line

18-mehr-Umsatz - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

18% more turnover

18% increase in sales of media packages to exhibitors at a leading B2B trade fair

Verdopplung Double-Optin - Vocatus Pricing & Selling

Twice the number of opt-ins

Twice the number opt-ins through improved customer approach at the call center of an energy supplier

Behavioral economics: a company gets down to business

The Harvard Business Manager reports exclusively on how Vocatus revolutionized a German telecommunications company.

With remarkable results: 25% more contracts concluded, 43% shorter call duration at the call center.

Wer die Grundkonzepte von Behavioral Economics verstanden hat, kann ganz leicht die verschiedenen Entscheidertypen unterscheiden


Which customer type am I dealing with?

If you have understood the basic concepts of behavioral economics, you can easily distinguish between the different types of decision-makers. After just a short training, your sales staff and sales partners will be able to recognize bargain hunters and price acceptors and act accordingly. 

Wie erreiche ich diesen Kunden am besten - Vocatus Pricing & Selling


How can I best reach this customer?

Customers who feel understood tend to make their purchase decisions quickly. We will show you ways to offer your customers exactly what suits them best: unbeatable offers for bargain hunters, risk-free purchases for loss-averse decision-makers, additional offers for all those who like to spend more money for better performance.

Learn more about the different purchase criteria of the GRIPS types.

Der Schlüssel für Nachhaltigkeit im Vertrieb - Vocatus Pricing & Selling


What incentive does your employee have?

The key to sustainability in sales is to consistently align the incentive systems for employees with the sales strategy. If sales are incentivized, and discounts are not sanctioned, the result is predictable: high sales with low margins. Is that really what you want?

“From top management to agent-level, we are astonished about the improvement and increases we are now able to reach sustainably.”
Felipe Feres S.

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Our customers speak for us

Durchgängig exzellente Arbeit - Vocatus Pricing & Selling
“…consistently delivered excellent work…”
“From the project conception to the analysis, interpretation, and presentation, Vocatus has consistently delivered excellent work.”

Ard-Jen Spijkervet

Managing Director

Esselte Leitz

Vertriebsoptimierung - Wissen Sie, warum Ihr Kunde kauft?- Vocatus München
„A very positive experience for us…“

“What impressed me the most was their ability to understand our market/product as well as to pinpoint the real issues for each of our brands/countries. Furthermore, the actionable feedback is a very positive experience for us.“

Jan Heiremans



Thomas Lindner - Verlagsgeschäftsführer - Gruner+Jahr - Vocatus Pricing & Selling
“…absolutely reasonable and quickly amortized…”

“Since the revenue leverage is considerable, Vocatus’ fee was an absolutely reasonable and quickly amortized investment.”

Thomas Lindner

Publishing Director