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Price increase – now or never?!

Rising inflation and exploding commodity prices make it necessary for many suppliers to increase prices. But, at the same time, we wonder: Can we expect our customers to put up with a price increase? Especially now?

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Case study pricing strategy: 430% ROI with behavioral pricing

A powerful pricing strategy can only be created if you understand the decision-making behavior of your customers and implement this knowledge across all 4 aspects of pricing. This is proven by a particularly successful project in the B2B event area from 2019, which recorded an ROI of 430%.

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Behavioral economics and customer engagement

Customer engagement – more satisfied, loyal, and profitable customers – is one of the central challenges we face at all customer interfaces, from sales to aftersales.
Behavioral economics helps to improve your customer engagement.

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Un-casting the discounting spell

For many companies promotions and ridiculous discounts are easy actions to attract more customers and increase sales – it almost seems magical. But it’s not! Read here how discounting ruined an entire industry and how you can escape the curse.

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